Prakhar Shrivastava
Programmer, blogger, reader and a red devil for life
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Story of how I started loving, living and breathe programming.

  • college


    Joined College

    I joined Jaypee Institute of Information Technology. I got my first taste of programming in the first year of my college life. The feeling of writing that first "Hello World" program in "Turbo C" made me realise that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

  • internships


    College Internships

    My first industrial experience(kind of) came at the starting of my third year and that helped me grow in a different vertical altogether. Stepping into the organisation level development is something I wasn't exposed to in my college life. Thanks to Tranzact and Squad for giving me this opportunity.

  • agrichain

    July 2018

    First Full Time Job

    After working in a start up environment, I started looking out for companies that would allow me to help build the tech from scratch. I joined one such startup and loved the environment and work pressure. Thanks AgriChain for giving me this wonderful opportunity and immense growth.

  • zomato

    May 2019

    Joined Zomato

    I was a product of zomato's trial week. I wanted to work for a company with a huge scale and that dealt with a large amount of data. I have joined zomato's logistics team as a software engineer and I couldn't be more pleased.

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