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I’m taking inspirations from my friend’s (@priyankvex) blog and writing up my own journey of the wonderful year.

2019 has been a great year for me in terms of acheiving professional milestones as well as personal milestones.

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Professional Milestones

Bid Farewell to Agrichain

I joined AgriChain as a fresher just out of college and the way I was treated there wasn’t short of how you treat a family member. I worked with great folks and I’ll always remember and cherish each one of them. I learnt somethings from everyone of them.

AgriChain being a startup exposed me to some of the areas of a technical company that I wouldn’t be exposed to in such early stage of my career in other organisations. Handling the infrastructure of our software was very interesting and I can never thank these people enough for treating me the way they did.

As excited I was to embark upon a new journey, I was deeply saddened to leave this place I once called home.

Hosted My First Side Project

Me and one of my friends decided to build something, a full fledged mobile application having a proper backend. I was responsible for handling all of the backend for this application. I decided to go with Django as the backend framework.

Some interesting parts of this venture:-

  • Developing APIs from scratch
  • Hosting the APIs on AWS
  • Setting up AWS RDS as the database
  • Dockerizing the application
  • Setting up the bitbucket pipelines for continuous integrations

It’s amazing how ownership of something makes you responsible without supervision.

The flexiblity of no boundaries is something that stuns you when you’re working on something that you have built from scratch.

Tools & Libraries

There are some tools that I created this year which helped me at some point of time. I had fun developing those.

You can check out my profile for all of them - @dev-prakhar

  • git log parser - This helps in parsing the git log to a csv, json, xml. So you can easily analyse your commit history
  • social user info - As I mentioned in one of my blogs, I struggled with having complete control of fetching user data in python using access token. This package helps with that
  • pydapt - Don’t like to access python dictionary using string keys? Convert them to object and use the .(dot) notation


It was long due and was in the pipeline for so long. My own website.

As a programmer, you go through million things that others has gone through or will go through. Writing blogs not only help you keep a track of what you did but also helps people solving problems that you have encountered.

It’s platform to showcase anything or everything you’ve done or you’re doing or you’ll do.

I created my website using Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages.

Here I come Zomato!

I have had food since birth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Zomato was the answer to all my delicious cravings.

Joining zomato felt like I was going home. I was selected in zomato by a wonderful procedure called a trial week. As I have mentioned in one of blogs how I hate interview process involving DS & Algorithms. Those things doesn’t play a part in a trial week.

That what made the hiring process for zomato more fun instead of stressful.

Creating things for millions of users and seeing the impact very quickly is something that can not be described easily.

More to come?

I am working on another full fledged side project and hopefully it should see the light of the day next year.

Personal Milestones

Special Someone

It’s wonderful how after a shitty day at work or otherwise, all you need is sometime with a person who understands you. Without speaking a word, your shitty day becomes not so shitty anymore.

You know that no matter what happens, you’re never alone. That feeling takes away all the demons and horrors.

It’s been a long time since I’m this happy and I know it’s a lot of dependency on a single person but that’s because she’s the only one I could depend on blindly. (Too Cheesy? :wink:)

Reduced 20 kgs (and counting…)

At the beginning of the year I was 95 kgs. In October 2018, I realised that it’s time to change things. I had no stamina, I was over weight and I kept eating like there’s no tomorrow. Apparantly, there is tomorrow and it’s not pretty.

It’s not fat-shaming if being obese brings a lot of unhealthy things with it. My thyroid was not controlled, my weight kept increasing. I had to have cold-drink with every meal.

Today, here I am, 74 kgs.

Now and Then

  • From not being able to jog for 3 minutes straight to being able to constantly sprint for 10 minutes with capacity to run more
  • From drinking cold drink with every meal to being cold-drink sober for a year
  • From finding fittable clothes to fitting in unfittable clothes
  • From loving pizzas to well… loving pizzas (Somethings don’t change)

Trek to Hampta Pass

Trekking was always a black box to me till the day we started trekking. I did no research about where we’re going. What do we need for it?

My friends asked me if I would go on a trek. I said yes (because I can’t say no to a physical activity).

At some point, I thought that sports shoes would be enough for trekking(BOY! Was I wrong).

I thought it’s just walking for ~8km a day. That should be easy. I didn’t work anything for it. Stopped going to gym in excitement :man_facepalming:.

After I was told to take proper trekking gears, we reached the place where we started our trek. I started getting tired easily. Day 1 & 2 were fine but Day 3 & 4 made me think, why did I agree to this?

I didn’t think I would be able to complete it. I was very tired. Of course, I did complete it. But I realised it was the lack of planning and preparation that resulted in this. Back then I was sure that I will never trek again. But, looking back it was a great adventure. I might be up for something this year as well.

The peace of living without technology in this pacy world is something we don’t experience everyday. The natural beauty of the world that is so mesmerising, you think why did I wait so long for this.

This was a beautiful experience.

Hampta Pass

No matter how the experiences are, the silver lining is that you always learn

Most of life’s actions are within our reach, but decisions take willpower. ― Robert McKee

That’s all for this year. Hopefully, I’ll make progress on many things and come with much more milestones next year.

:confetti_ball: Happy New Year :confetti_ball:

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