I was recently looking out for jobs and was actively interviewing for organisations. I was able to rack up 4 job offers and I was facing a dilemma about which organisation to choose. Out of these 4 job offers, one of them was one of the biggest software companies, the...

Recently I went on a job hunt and I had to go through my fair share of interviews. The times are changing and virtual interviews are becoming a norm. There are a lot of blogs/tutorials telling you how to conduct yourself as an interviewee while going through a virtual interview....

I’m taking inspirations from my friend’s (@priyankvex) blog and writing up my own journey of the wonderful year.

We use MongoDB in one of our high throughput microservice which is responsible for accounting of riders. This microservice helps us in determining how much money we should give the riders.

Why do you need this?

Before you start judging me, just hear me out.