A software engineer, pumped with curiosity. Loves to find out of the box solutions to challenging problems. Behind every bottleneck there’s a design problem waiting to be solved.


Software Development Engineer 1

May 2019 - Present
Zomato, Gurgaon

Working as a Backend Developer in Zomato’s Logistics Team. Responsible for end-to-end development of features that would increase rider experience.

  • Responsible for separating out and further handling a micro-service responsible for accounting of about 400,000 riders on a daily basis
  • Responsible for driving mutiple features, from development to release (including scaling the feature country wide)
  • Responsible for optimising various snippets. Sometimes leading to a huge increase in performance (query timing reduced from 3.5 hours -> 4 minutes)

Technologies Used:-

  • Backend - RoR, Java, Go
  • Frontend - JS
  • Cloud Provider - AWS
  • DB & Caches - MySql, MongoDB, Dynamo DB, Atlas, Redis

Software Engineer

July 2018 - May 2019
AgriChain, Gurgaon

Worked as Full Stack Developer with responsibilities including handling infrastructure, developing frontend & backend for a feature

  • Created multiple modules from scratch (designing to deploying)
  • Automated application and infrastructure deployment via python script
  • Reduced response time for APIs by introducing serializers
  • Reduced operations dependency on developers by a significant factor by introducing admin interface
  • Responsible for managing infrastructure for all the environments

Technologies Used:-

  • Frontend - ReactJS + Redux
  • Backend - Python(Django)
  • DB - Postgres
  • Cloud Provider - AWS

Product Engineer Intern

Feb 2018 - July 2018
Squad, Noida

Worked on developing the SquadVoice Platform. Built/Enhanced several modules for SquadVoice

  • Made an existing tool more flexible that could extract and transform the incoming data as needed
  • Introduced Leads Transparency to the clients, that would enable the clients to get the information regarding all their uploaded leads and data on the platform
  • Revamped the frontend for the SquadVoice Demo Dashboard
  • Created REST APIs for efficient interaction with the other services
  • Embedded several compliance modules into the product for overseas clients such as introduction of DNC List, EBR Types, EBR Datetime, Compliant Scripts

Technologies Used:-

  • Backend - Python(Django)
  • Frontend - HTML, CSS, JS
  • Database - PostgreSQL

Software Developer Intern

June 2017 - July 2017
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Chennai
  • Automated the downloading of around 400 licenses using python and selenium web driver. The process proved to be much faster and more efficient than the manual way of downloading the licenses.
  • Developed a web application which would avoid the manual analysis of the required spreadsheets and directly push the necessary data into the database.
  • Developed a web application for the company regarding the purchases of services/goods. This helped us avoid the manual analysis of invoice mapping and manually getting approvals for every transactions.

The web applications were developed using HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Angular JS, Angular Material) for frontend, ASP.NET (C#) for backend and MySQL for database.

Software Developer Intern

March 2017 - April 2017
TranZact, Mumbai
  • Validated HTML forms for every page using JavaScript (jQuery).
  • Generated reports for users, which involved the revenue, taxes etc. using Python.
  • Created access management for employees which provided the abstraction to the users, hiding unnecessary data using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python.


Fun JS - A collection of fun JS scripts(WIP)
PyDapt - Ruby's Openstruct functionality, written for python
Git Log Parser - A tool that helps you analyse you git commits by parsing it in CSV, JSON or XML
Social User Info - A python package that helps extracting user info from various social networks using user's access token


  • Differential Bond Energy Algorithm For Optimal Vertical Fragmentation of Distributed Databases
  • Prakhar Shrivastava, Jharna Barlawala, Parul Aggarwal
    Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences

    Skills & Proficiency

    Python & Django

    Ruby on Rails


    Javascript & jQuery


    React JS